Exchange and Refund Policy


We do not accept any returns.
You have 28 Calendar Days starting with the date of purchase to request a refund. Refunds apply to damaged physical products only. No refunds for digital products or shipping costs ever. We will refund you the price of the product that you paid for minus shipping costs, not the current price.
Since we only refund damaged products, you must give us the opportunity to exchange it with the same or similar product. We will replace the damaged product with a new one of the exact same item, or a similar one if it is out of stock. The product will be replaced for free, you just have to pay for shipping. If we cannot replace the item for any reason, we will give you a refund.
You may only cancel orders for physical products or subscriptions. You may not cancel digital product purchases, which are instant. All digital sales are final. We cannot guarantee your ability to cancel an order for a physical product, because once fulfillment of your order begins then you’re no longer able to cancel it. Your best opportunity to cancel an order for a physical product is to contact us on our support page in the first 12 – 24 hours after you place your order.
Subscription Plans
You may cancel any subscription plan at anytime. You never get a refund for subscriptions. Your subscription simply stays active until the end of the most recent term you paid for and then your account switches to non-subscription status again.
Notice to Texas Subscribers:
Texas state and local sales and use tax is included in the sales price of all subscription plans for now. If this changes, we will update this notice accordingly.
Rent or Buy Shows
There are no refunds for shows you rent or buy, you cannot return or exchange them and get your money back, all sales are final. You have 48 hours to watch a show as many times as you want from the time you Rent it. After 48 hours your access expires. We reserve the right to change the 48 hour rental window in our policy at any time, but for now that’s what it is. We do not extend the 48 hour rental or reimburse you if you fail to watch the show during the provided amount of time, you must rent the show again. The amount of time you have left to watch a show before your rental expires is always provided to you directly below the player and updates each time you refresh the page, so you never have to wonder or guess how much time is left on your rental. When you buy a show, you do not get a downloadable copy of the show, instead you obtain lifetime access to the show to watch via streaming as often as you want on your devices that have internet access for as long as this website exists and you keep an active profile. If that ever changes for any reason, like a sale of the business or something, we might provide copies of shows for download, but that is not guaranteed or promised. So, you will only ever be able to access the shows you’ve purchased on our website via streaming on a device and internet connection that you purchase yourself.

Read the rest of the policy for additional information and clarification.


We don’t accept any returns. We only sell brand new products when you order them, so please don’t return products to us. You will see a return address printed on the label, just ignore it. We don’t sell used products to ensure our products remain extremely clean and meet the highest quality standards possible. You will only ever buy new products from the Lone Star Studios online store. Please donate products you’d like to return, or have already used, to a local church or charity instead of returning them to us.


28 Days Maximum: We only approve refund requests made for damaged or defective products that are not the customer’s fault, and which are made within 28 calendar days of the original purchase date. Please read below for more details.

Shipping Costs

No refund for shipping costs ever. The customer will always pay shipping costs,
even to fix orders due to customer error. Your refund amount will always exclude shipping costs.

You always pay shipping costs when products are mailed to you. If you are ordering a physical product that will be mailed to you, then you will pay shipping cost. Shipping companies don’t issue refunds, because they can’t return money they’ve already spent to deliver a product to you, so we cannot offer shipping cost refunds to you either for the same reason. We don’t have that money either. We never issue refunds to cover shipping costs. That means even if you have to request an exchange, the product will be replaced for free, but you still have to pay shipping for the original product and the replacement product. Shipping costs never get returned to you as part of the exchange or refund process. It’s part of the cost of ordering physical products online.

How we process exchanges and refunds:

Our Refund and Exchange policy only applies to physical products. We never approve returns, exchanges, or refunds for digital products, so it does not apply to digital products, only physical products. You should assume our Returns, Exchange, and Refund policy only applies to physical products unless explicitly stated otherwise. The word(s) product(s) refers to physical products only in this policy.

If there is something wrong with your order, it might qualify for an exchange. Please read our exchange policy below to find out more. You must attempt an exchange before we will issue a refund, so that we have the opportunity to make things right for you.

If you still aren’t satisfied after attempting to exchange your product, please read the refund policy below and follow the instructions to request a refund.


If there is something wrong with your order and it is not a customer error,
notify us within 14 days of delivery. Submit your exchange request on our support page and attach a picture of what’s wrong with the product. You have to provide a photo as evidence required by the manufacturer to get the item replaced for you free of charge. Without photo evidence, the manufacturer will not replace your item. We only replace products that are damaged or defective on arrival, for instance
items that were broken during shipping or misprinted. We don’t exchange or replace items for customer errors including but not limited to providing a wrong shipping address, ordering a wrong size, ordering the wrong product, entering incorrect billing info, buyer’s remorse aka changing your mind, etc.

Refund Policy

28 Days Total Max

Refunds are for the product price paid only and don’t include shipping costs.
Shipping costs will never be included in the refund amount. We only issue refunds for damaged or defective products, therefore you must go through the exchange process first before we will issue you a refund. If you request a refund, the first thing that gets checked is if you’ve already attempted an exchange. If you already attempted an exchange and still aren’t satisfied, we will issue a refund to you of the product price only, not including shipping costs, for any order that qualifies for a refund. If you haven’t attempted an exchange yet, you will be notified that an exchange is being requested for you first. If you don’t want a replacement product for some reason, please let us know at this point and we will issue a refund instead. You have 28 days total to request a refund. Orders take an average of two weeks to fulfill and deliver, so effectively you have 14 days to request a refund after your product is delivered. You can determine the date range of your specific refund request window by starting on your date of purchase and counting 28 calendar days, including the date of purchase. The refund request will not get approved on the 29th day.

As previously stated in the Exchange section above, you must allow us the chance to replace the damaged product for free before we will issue a refund to you, if your refund request is due to a product quality issue, for instance a broken or misprinted product. If you’re still not satisfied after we send you the replacement product, we will issue you a refund. If you are satisfied with the replacement, no refund will be issued, because it is no longer needed, thus completing your order.

We do not issue refunds for the following reasons:
Buyer’s remorse, Wrong Size, Customer errors when entering orders including but
not limited to ordering the wrong item, ordering the wrong color, ordering
the wrong quantity, or entering the wrong billing and shipping information.
Please be careful when entering your order and take responsibility to enter
it correctly. Please double check everything before submitting your order.
You will not be able to change or cancel an order once submitted, and there
is no way for us to retrieve an order if you give us a wrong address.
You are responsible for paying for all orders you enter incorrectly in error
including all shipping costs, you will also have to place a new order to correct your
mistake if you still want the item, so please just make sure you order it
correctly the first time to avoid any issues like these.

Here is an example for clarity:

Refund Window Start Date = Date of Purchase when you place your order online

Refund Window Expiration Date = 28 Calendar Days including Date of Purchase

If you place an order 1/1, then your opportunity to obtain a refund is from
1/1 through 1/28. Literally, just count 28 days on the calendar including the
day you place your order online. That is your refund window. Here is the same example for people that would rather see numbers instead of words:

Start Date = Date of Purchase 1/1

End of Refund Window = 28 Calendar Days including date of purchase, 1/28

So, the last day you would be able to request a refund for an item you purchased
on 1/1 in this example would be 1/28. If you request a refund on 1/29 or after
in this example, the refund request will get denied and you will not get
the money back from that specific transaction. You will simply have to create
a new order at that point.

Order Cancellation Requests

No cancellations are guaranteed. You might not be able to cancel your order.
Only orders of physical products or subscriptions may be cancelled. Digital product orders take place instantly and immediately, so they cannot be cancelled.

Physical products may only be cancelled prior to order fulfillment starting.

If your order is already being created and worked on, you cannot cancel it.

You’re not guaranteed the ability to cancel your order, but your best chance
to cancel an order is in the first 12-24 hours after placing the order.

Please submit cancellation requests on our support page as soon as possible to avoid issues. We will check the status of your order, if it can still be cancelled we will cancel it for you, but if your order is already in the process of fulfillment we cannot cancel it.

Need help?

Contact us on our support page for questions related to order exchanges and refunds. E-mail responses will only be given Monday through Friday during normal business hours, 8am-5pm CST, so if you place an order on the weekend please take that into consideration.

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